Billing & Insurance Options

CCS (Comprehensive Community Services)

All CCS services require a referral from a CCS Service Facilitator on behalf of the consumer. This includes PsychoTherapy as well as other array services. All of our providers can bill through CCS

Self or Private Pay (Elite Cognition offers some varying payment options) 

All Initial Intake session fees are $.

Professional Counseling sessions are $___ for 50-35 minutes (~55 minutes). *This is the typical session length.

$__ for 35-50 minute sessions (~ 40 minutes).

Play therapy sessions are billed at an additional $15 charge per session.

If you are a self pay client, you will be required to pay day of services. If self pay and elect to pay monthly, we offer a __% discount,when booking 3-4 sessions in that month. We accept cash, check or credit card payment.

We also offer a sliding fee schedule based on proof of income which must be provided to us, at least one day prior to your first appointment for approval, unless other arrangements are made. The sliding fee sale ranges depending on your income and the therapist you wish to see. Our lower rates are available with out LPC-IT therapists who are not yet fully licenced and work under supervision of a licenced LPC. The initial intake fee is higher, but it is a one time fee due to more paperwork involved that is required by our State certification.


You may choose a self/private pay option, if you do not wish to bill your insurance.


Elite Cognition is currently applying to contract with as many health insurance companies as possible. At this time we only accept CCS or Self/Private Pay. We will update this page often as we begin to panel with various Insurance companies.

NOTE:Payment options/preferences much be determined prior to your first visit. You can contact our Director of Operations, Bryenne Alesch at 608-286-1132 x10 with any questions, to determine eligibility, or to make billing arrangements.

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