Krystal Gartley, MSW


Mental Health Provider

608-283-1132 Ext. 3 

In 2011 Krystal earned her bachelor's degree in Social Welfare from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She worked her way through undergrad as a PEOPLE and First Wave scholar. Later, she returned to the UW-Madison and in 2019 obtained her master's degree in Social Work. Krystal is excited to work towards becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). 


As a low-income, 1st generation, Mexican American woman, Krystal thoroughly understands and appreciates the unique cultural and financial barriers that exist. She recognizes the importance and challenges in finding quality therapy, mentorship, healthcare services and professionals. She is passionate about advocating for the mental health and well-being of those who are oppressed, marginalized and most vulnerable within our community.

Krystal believes in meeting clients where they are at, appreciating each person as their individual and unique self. She is a strong advocate for clients and is dedicated to ensuring that her clients feel seen, heard, and valued. Krystal offers an empathetic, compassionate, and listening ear along with providing skills and tools to assist in navigating larger systems. 

Krystal has clinical experience providing trauma informed care and culturally sensitive, evidence-based mental health treatment to youth. She has done so through school-based platforms, as well as within a clinical setting. Additionally, she has more than ten years of experience serving youth in various capacities throughout the Madison community.


Krystal has a strong repertoire and uses many therapeutic approaches, depending on client need. These include but are not limited to: Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Art Therapy, Mindfulness Practices, Violence Prevention and Awareness, Play Therapy, Diversity and Inclusion Practices, Music Therapy, and more. 


Outside of the workplace, Krystal can usually be found creating art with her daughter in the form of poetry, spoken word, making music/learning a new instrument, drawing/painting and singing. Krystal strongly values family and connection. She enjoys spending time with her sisters and building bonds with friends. 

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